What's Inside of The Plugin?

Comprehensivese SEO involves keywords research and ranking checker (SERP Checker), competitor analysis with detailed traffic analytics, bot push to help your site index faster

Rank Checker

Check your website ranking in the first 100 top results (top 10 pages) ...

Competitor Auditor

Get the detailed information about your cpmpetitor, from SEO, to monthly traffic or ...

Keyword Research

Improve your ranking by optimize content with the best keywords that relevance to ...

Auto Internal Linking

Auto link your keywords with other posts or the tags so  that your ...

Keyword Research & Content Optimize

Improve your ranking by put the related keywords that most relevance to your content.

Each keyword will come with monthly search volume, cost per click and competition rate.

Website Ranking Checker

Get your ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for each keyword on your website.. Know your competitor easily by a button click.

Faster Index for Your Website

The plugin include a special feature that help your content get indexed faster, almost immediately after publish the post. Suitable for auto blog.

What customer say

Grow your traffic and draw customers to your business We couldn't put it better than our users.


The ultimate SEO plugin for website ranking. WordPress Longtail Keyword SEO will help your content better, earn more in Google Adsense and rank higher on Google.