What make Keyword SEO Rank Tracker different?

Let's see the differences that make us better than the others.

Rank Tracker

Keyword research & ranking sure every step of you SEO Campaign is taken ...

Competitor Tracker

Track your competitor SEO performance and see why they ranking higher/worse than you.

Organizable & Filterable

Manage your keywords & planning easily. Color & tag will help you keep ...

Report & Alert

Track your positions just like a PRO! Get the performance report on-demand by ...

Data-driven SEO Plugin

CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker is made with data-driven purpose, all the raw data is transformed to chart & statistic information.

Your keyword tracking task will never be the same as old days.

Multi Website Tracking

If you're going global and need to know how your SEO plan is doing, let's try multi-regional ranking tracker!.

You also track your competitor to investigate why they're better/worse than us.

Organizable & Filterable

Manage your keyword with tags. Easily to follow the keyword's performance at a glance with color.

You can filter the keywords by the properly, like keyword's search volume, position, color, URL...

What customer say

Grow your traffic and draw customers to your business We couldn't put it better than our users.

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